Sunday, October 15, 2006

Censorship or Moderation?

Over the past few months, Blogger's comment moderation has not worked properly with this blog. Thus, e-mail notification has temporarily been down, why a lot of comments have remained unpublished due to ignorance of their mere existence.

As this backlog now has been detected, all comments that are not abusive or off topic have been published. Thus, apologies are in order. However, I reserve the right to moderate comments also in the future, in order to safeguard the quality of contents and to prevent trolls. Censorship or moderation? Well, whichever one it is - that is up to the readers to decide.


Anonymous said...

I vote for moderation. It's not really censorship because this is your own forum right?

I mean, is it considered censorship when people completely turn off the comments, I think most would disagree.

Megan Case said...

I agree with Team Gingerbread. It's not censorship to moderate your own blog. It's not a public TV station. And we all know people who abuse the anonymity of the internet and post horrible and/or entirely self-promoting comments that contribute nothing to any discussion. Moderate away!