Wednesday, January 07, 2009

С рождеством!

To all my readers of Christian Orthodox faith out there: С рождеством! Perhaps, one should take a moment to ponder upon what the Russian Santa might bring out of his sack this year. As the Moscow Patriarchate now is vacant, following the untimely demise of Alexy II, perhaps someone with a Chekist background might be suitable for the position. What about it, Vladimir? Anyway, we may be in for great surprises as the tricolourite gift-wrapping is removed to uncover events to come. Should one even assume that the masters of the Kremlin will be haunted by a Ghost of Christmas Past?


Gabriela said...

Russian Santa has a bag full of beautifully wrapped gifts in the form of "Gas niet" although not a first, such gifts are starting to give chills EU. I look forward to your opinion in this regard.

Michelle said...

:) Merry Christmas!

EuroYank said...

It seems the ghost of STALIN past is now haunting or should I say welcome in Russia, as the country rediscovers its ROOTS!