Friday, August 24, 2007

Georgia shoots down Russian plane?

According to Georgian TV-channel Rustavi 2, Georgian interior ministry forces today shot down a Russian fighter over the Kodori gorge of breakaway region of Abkhazia. The interior ministry tonight confirms that its forces has indeed shot down a Russian plane in a remote part of Georgia. Russia, on its part, emphatically denies any such incidence and representatives of both the Foreign and Defence Ministries speak of Georgian provocations. Pending furhter information, contradictory statements cease the day. Still, it seems that the conflict between Russia and Georgia is about to heat up even more, though hopefully not in armed confrontation.


W. Shedd said...

Russia has also grounded its Su-24 planes after a reported crash on a training mission.

It was also supposedly an Su-24 that previously intruded into Georgian airspace and dropped the reported Kh-58 missile.

jibs said...

The plane was never found, and one official in Russia even claimed that it was "space junk" that looked like a plane to all sides.

Pēteris Cedriņš said...

Off topic, Vilhelm, sorry -- but I couldn't find an e-mail for you.

Did you see this?

Thought it might interest you.

Warm regards,

Ruvym said...

Mr. Konnander, I've come across your blog while researching media freedom in Russia. I wanted to ask your opinion about something related to this and I was wondering if you could e-mail me or provide me with your e-mail address so that I may contact you directly. Cheers.

Ruvym said...

Don't know if my first comment went through, it's hard to tell with this word verification thing, but just to reiterate, I was hoping to get your opinion about something related to the freedom of Russian media and I was wondering if you could e-mail me or provide me with your e-mail address so that I could contact you directly.

Frugal Guy said...


From North America, the only thing I hear about Georgia is on CNBC, where they advertise as being a great place to do business...

Sounds a bit riskier all of sudden after reading this!

(S)wine, Inc. said...

it's heading for disaster, with the Putin referrendum.

PM said...

Do you think Russia will ever be peaceful?
What do people think of Dmitry Medvedev and his new approach to Russian politics?
Shouldn't Russia stop being so military as we in London love your art and architecture and music but not the hardline politics that always seems to be all we see about in the UK even today in this new century. Stops us from visiting when we want to so much. Your blog is brilliant and I have found so many opinions and facts from other blogs linked from your site.
Fantastic my friend.
This is one of mine if you care to look.
Keep it up. Great work!!
Dmitry Medvedev

Vilhelm Konnander said...

Dear PM,

Thanks for your praise. However, I fear that there will not be much room for blogging in the near future, as the autumn has been quite intense and this situation does not seem to change before the March presidential elections.

As for your question whether Russia will ever be peaceful, I take it you do not refer mainly to Russian foreign and security politics. Historically, is not very prone to offensive conflict. In domestic terms, however, Russia poses a greater threat to itself than other states do to Russia.