Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lukashenka Wins Bad Democracy Award

On 2 May, Belarus president Lukashenka won the Sixth openDemocracy Award for his great achievements and ingenuity in creating his special "brutal brand of paternalism" and for his excellent parenting methods in fostering the youth of his country to the right values of a just and righteous society.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka is the first leader of a post-soviet state that has won this great honour, and he thereby joins the ranks of such illustrious personalities as Silvio Berlusconi, John Howard, George W Bush, Meles Zenavi, and Abu Laban.

Above all, Lukashenka's paternalistic batka image impressed immensely on the jury of voters - possibly in combination with his splendid implementation of ideological teaching to the new generation of Belarus. One cannot but feel an irresistable urge to extend one's heartfelt congratulations to Lukashenka for this new victory in leading the people of Belarus towards a bright and promising future. By setting this example, he epitomises the true meaning of his people's aspirations: "Together towards a strong and prosperous Belarus!"


Andreas Ribbefjord said...

Thanks Vilhelm, for your on-the-spot irony. Behind all this, off course, is a reality that denies belaurians all the rights and freedoms which we take for granted, like talking out loud what you think in politics, not being harassed by the police and being able to commit for your fellow humans and thus become prosperous in a market economy.

Andreas Ribbefjord said...
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Vilhelm Konnander said...

Thank you for appreciating my sarcasm! Since the March 26 presidential elections, repression has really taken a turn for the worse. Lukashenka has come under increasing pressure not only from the West but also from Russia. Repression has therefore become a vital instrument for Lukashenka's hold on power in a way previously unprecedented. The question now is who stands behind the curtains.